This site has a number of resources that I have developed over the years.  They mostly relate to development economics and information systems, specifically the use of Information and communications technology (ICT) to improve the quality of data.  As time allows, I plan to edit and rework some of the ideas and material that I have developed whilst working on various projects in Africa and Asia.  Obviously much of the original material has content which is specific to an assignment and I will need to remove this.  My aim is to draw out generic principles and ideas which have wider applicability in the work that I do and present them here.  It also provides the opportunity for me to offer a few personal observations on some of the challenges, frustrations and joys of working in the aid business.

My planned approach is to write a short blog to introduce a subject and provide links to related material on this site and elsewhere.  Comments can be made on the blog (and are welcome).  In addition, and if appropriate, I may create a subject for a more structured discussion on the forum page.

To kick things off, I have written a piece on the development of a bespoke electronic (or CAPI – Computer-assisted personal interviewing) questionnaire.  It is a relatively simple application for conducting a proxy means test assessment.  This can run in a web-browser or as a stand-alone app on an Android tablet or iPad.  You can read more here.